Sunday, May 18, 2008


The best way to start a write-in campaign is to visit the elections office of your particular county. We need some education, and we need to be familiar with the people we will be working with.

Elections officials are supposed to be non-partisan, and this trek will prove whether your own elections people really are. It's best to find a particular individual to work with throughout the campaign.

Your first objective will be educational--learning how to find Alan Keyes on the write-in ballot. Yes, he may be on the ballot, especially in counties with electronic voting machines. He will be in a place that is hard to find, however. And it's your job to tell people how to access him when they vote.

Then, you will need to be sworn in as a deputy registrar, which will oil the hinges of your registration campaign which ends a month before Election Day. If the elections office isn't too accessible from your home, though, forget about this step, for you will be required to turn in the voter registration cards within a very short period of time. The availability of parking needs to be factored in.

The only reason you will need to be a registrar is to collect the cards yourself instead to having the voter mail them in. I will need to be a registrar because I live in a senior community and people around here tend to forget things like mailing cards in.

In any case, you may need to pick up a supply of the blank cards. Unless you live in a very uncooperative county, they will be readily available.

Since this is Sunday, I will have to go over to the voter office sometime nest week. I will post my own results then.